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With our experienced team we guarantee growth in revenue by reducing the delays, improving clean claim rate and minimizing the denials ratio.

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We fully understand your business. If you need to update something, we are more than happy to help you with the services we are providing.


Advanced medical billing solution to grow income. Our new clients evidence increase in profitability by 20% by streamlining medical billing processes.


Offering Top-Notch Medical Coding and Auditing Services with an experienced Team of AAPC Certified and Trained Coders


Improve your online visibility and grow patient footfall with the high intent targeting using our field tested digital marketing strategies designed for healthcare facilities. Our clients have seen 600% increase in patient inflow with our digital marketing services.


Get a SEO optimized and responsive website that helps you grow your revenues. With a free web hosting and domain name.

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Lowest Cost Guarantee

You can save thousands of dollars by outsourcing medical billing services to XenMD, and we only charge a small percentage of your collections.

Better Reimbursment

We at XenMD will make absolutely sure your claims are submitted accurately and on time. This reduces the number of claims that are rejected or denied and it results in higher returns and profits

Know Where Your Practice Stands

We perform medical billing audits to give you a thorough insight of the problems and gaps in your present revenue cycle process.

We help you identify and rectify critical errors that can cause your revenue losses.
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