Old Aging

A/R Recovery

With wide variety of AR management services, We help clients recover unpaid payments from old days receivables with an ageing of more than 120 days. Even from accounts that were once believed to be lost causes, our technology has increased recovery rates significantly.

What is Included in the Service

Here are few of the key features of our Dedicated AR Recovery Service

AR Recovery

Is Our Expertise

An enormous amount of money is lost annually as a result of improperly managed unpaid claims. We have a committed team that works diligently to recover uncollectible accounts receivable, and they are quite successful at doing so. The collections business is well aware that the longer a bill remains unpaid, the less likely it is to be paid; but, instead of letting up on old AR recovery & invoices, pursue them. That serves as a cue for our AR recovery team to start looking for and looking into each outstanding claim right away.

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